Soňa works on the contemporary dance scene in Slovakia as a freelance choreographer, dancer, performer and lector. She studied dance at the conservatory in Banská Bystrica and later she studied at the Department of Aesthetics, Comenius University in Bratislava. The theoretical study she was aimed at finding parallels of dance and other types of art in the historical context. She completed her studies with the work "Analysis of Movement in Wim Wenders Pina movie" and "Postmodern Dance Art and Its Reflections in the Fine Arts".

Soňa explores new approaches in performative art and their overlaps. She follows the flow of art and its rhizomatic placement in everyday life, looks at its history and openly approaches its current form. By drawing from everyday performativity, she gains experience and knowledge of how to grasp herself, in the tangle of today's society, as well as substantial motivation and creative spontaneity in the creative process.

Through constant research of the body and mind, evolving over time, she moves in the topics of socio-psychological adaptation, interpersonal relationships, or society. She creates collective collaborations with visual, musical and intermediate artists and they test the boundaries of artistic expressions in the same time and space. In addition to everyday life and human character, she continues to be inspired by theoretical texts, studies and essays on art and society.

She has created two solo dance productions - Autopilot and Autocorrect in collaboration with the Batyskaf platform. She is currently working on a new solo project Autonomy with visual artist Boris Vitázek, and a collective project SOUND OF SILENCE.

She collaborates in the projects Manifesto of Possibilities (P. Fornayová) and the collective process of the multimedia installation Line (2021). She participated in the Do Dna project (mimoOs), the Game project (T. Danielis) at residences in Budapest and Graz, and in several research projects or performances in Bratislava (Biela Noc, JAMA, B. Janáková, L. Bobalik, D. Koššová, ...)

She is a co-founder of the educational project Telohra and a member of the board PlaST - Platform for contemporary dance.

" I want to record everything. I am reading one sentence around. I am reading one sentence around. I am reading one sentence around. One sentence around. Sentence all around. All around. I stretch a wrinkle near my eye and my body is moving "



  2007 - 2011    Conservatory, Banská Bystrica - DANCE department

  2012 - 2017    Comenius University in Bratislava, Faculty of Arts - Department of AESTHETICS



  2020/2021     AUTONOMY (CHAOSMOS, with B. Vitázek)

  2020         SOUND OF SILENCE (work in progress at JAMA 2020)

  2019        Autocorrect (Project Batyskaf)

  2017        Autopilot (Project Batyskaf)



  2020/2021     Multimedia installation "Line" (B. Sliepková, J. Šicko, J. Pastirčák)

  2019        Manifesto of Possibilities (P. Fornayova)

  2018        GAME (T. Danielis - residence in Budapest and Graz)

  2017        Do Dna (mimoOs)

  2017        Private (D. Koššová)

  2015        Research project, Academy of Performing Arts, Bratislava (B. Janáková, L.Bobalik)


  2020 - now    Member of the board PlaST - Platform for contemporary dance

          Producer and PR manager of residential project Residance

          Coordinator of  "Telocvičňa" in Nová Cvernovka

          Coordinator of residents Reaktor and Residance in Nova Cvernovka

  2018  - now    Co-founder and organizer of the educational project Telohra -

          - Coordinator and PR manager of the project


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