The civic association CHAOSMOS was established on the initiative of Soňa Kúdeľová and Boris Vitázek. It includes artists of dance, performative and audio-visual arts. It focuses on the creation and presentation of performative, movement and dance works, with an emphasis on visual aesthetics, supported by new media and technologies. The authors collaborate with several artists, create collective creative processes and thus develop diverse approaches to creation, through which they reflect the themes that resonate in them.

CHAOSMOS also observes the performativity around ourselves. We perceive its diversity and uniqueness. We enjoy the vagueness of the term performance art. We want to explore it not only by observation but also directly. As part of our future activities, we want to foster several performative works, and create a dialogue or discussion with the artists.

Kmeťovo námestie 4, 
Bratislava - Staré mesto, 811 07
IČO: 529403314