As part of a creative scholarship, I explore silence, music and movement. The research goes through the process of living and recognising the plurality of meanings, and experiences of silence and music. 

In a specific topic, I deal with the seemingly obvious relationship between movement and music or dance and music that is subject to observation and analysis in the process. Then these are confronted with the silence. 

However, the silence, initially understood as the opposite of music or sound, also represents isolation in its own meaning. It brings a new layer of perception and creates an imaginary "sound" trail of movement. 

I use silence as a tool for listening and expressing the immediate body, which closely observes its motivation for movement. The intention is to examine what encourages us to move, whether it is a melody, sound, everyday action or an idea, and thus focus on the very aesthetics of movement in the context of contemporary dance.

Supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council.

work in progress, foto: Boris Vitázek Lucia Kupcová, Tatiana Takáčová, Viktória Revická, Dodo Kršek - participanti procesu