"Don't interrupt your thoughts with words. Come in and sit in silence.”

Imagine a (peculiar) movement,

mind and body, as objects of observation and bending...

Can you hear it?

“This process vs. art work or product, is my resonating body and my dancing mind. Flushes of resonances in different parts of the apartment, as a long-term ritual performative experiment, help me capture the intersections between myself as a dancer and myself as a person.

Throughout the year, I obsessively research and analyze the rhizomatic firing of impulses that my mind produces. And the body survives. ”

Autonomy is a process.

And it is an art work about creating art works.

It is one's own therapy, it is learning and accepting one's own autonomy.

Autonomy is the collective work of dancer Soňa Kúdelová and visual artist Boris Vitázek, in which they deal with the issue of personal autonomy, as opposed to the subconscious fears and external influences in the context of creative work.

Autonomy is the culmination of the AUTO-trilogy, following upon the solo performances Autopilot and Autocorrect, in which Soňa opened a confrontation with elementary conflicts in her life.

choreography, text and dance: S. Kúdeľová

music and visuals: B. Vitázek

dramaturgy: Kúdeľová, Vitázek

dramaturgy of the text: Zuzana Husárová

lighting design and tech. support: Dominik Novák, Peter Dolog

costume: People on Earth

production: oz CHAOSMOS

premiere: 3rd of June, 2020, A4 - Priestor súčasnej kultúry, Bratislava

The project was supported from public funds by the Art Support Fund

The project partner is the Bratislava self-governing region